Zenith Zoysia

Residential Sod Installation

Keen observers will notice at once that zenith Zoysia bears a striking resemblance to Meyer, and indeed there are certain similarities. The big difference is, Zenith Zoysia is much easier to mow, due to the fact that it is less dense than Meyer. This turfgrass is currently sold by the Patten Seed Company. 

Zenith Zoysia can thrive under any circumstances. It boasts remarkable heat and cold tolerance, which gives it the edge over other Zoysia types. It can also cope well under light shade. Surprisingly, this turfgrass will grow even when planted in winter. Speaking of planting, zenith Zoysia is the only known Zoysia that can be planted with seeds. 

It has been specially adapted to thrive in the sweltering heat of Georgia. It also boasts a high tolerance to drought. For optimal results, all you need to do is to expose it to five hours of sun every day and provide it with at least one inch of water every week.

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