Residential Sod Installation

Centipede sod copes really well with warm climates and is relatively easy to maintain, which gives it its billing as a viable alternative to either Zoysia or Bermuda. It is also more shade tolerant than Bermuda, even though Zoysia is the best in this area. 

Conversely, though, both Bermuda and Zoysia are more appealing in appearance than centipede, which can be a huge downer if your focus is on physical beauty. When dormant, it adopts a burnt red color that doesn’t do much for aesthetic appeal. 

However, one thing that counts in its favour is its extreme versatility. It is very adaptable and is not fussy about maintenance. It also does not require so many pesticides and fertilizers. Just ensure that you expose it to six hours of sun every day, and an inch of water weekly. 

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