Tifgrand Bermuda

Residential Sod Installation

Tifgrand Bermuda is an enhanced hybrid of the Bermuda variety. It is extremely hardy and durable and can survive up to 50% shade, which makes it ideal for residential and commercial properties. It can easily be mistaken for a Tifway due to similarities in leaf texture, although trained eyes will have no trouble distinguishing the two. 

Because it is infinitely tough and resilient, it is a solid option for lawns that expect a lot of traffic. It can recover pretty quickly from any abuse and will do a perfect job as a dormant sod. 

This sod only requires four hours of sunlight every day. It is also drought-tolerant, so it doesn’t need a whole lot of water, just 1¼ inch a week will suffice, to help it stay healthy when the weather becomes warmer. 

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